Our History:

The Re-Imagining Community evolved out of a 1993 conference which brought together clergy, laypeople, and theologians from a variety of Christian denominations to mark the World Council of Churches’ Ecumenical Decade: Churches in Solidarity with Women 1988–1998. It included presentations by leading feminist/womanist/mujerista/asian theologians and worship rituals shaped by feminist theology and the use of inclusive language for God.

This led to a national debate on feminist theology that was not confined to churches but carried on in newspapers across the country and on episodes of Nightline and the McNeil-Lehrer News Hour. This response led a group of supporters to conclude that there was a need for an ecumenical community to promote feminist theology and liturgy.

In 1994, they formed the Re-Imagining Community, which was in existence until 2003, a decade after the initial conference. During those ten years, the Re-Imagining Community organized six more conferences, published a quarterly journal, and sponsored “faith labs” to teach about feminist theology in local churches.  In the process, it made major contributions to the development of feminist/womanist/mujerista/asian theology and liturgy.